DATE: October 25, 2014

Customer Feedback from Square.com: “The meeting was very helpful and your service was efficient ! Thanks.”

DATE: October 19, 2014

Customer Feedback from Square.com: “Thanks for the nice comment. We appreciate your business. Carl and Cristina Knoll”

DATE: October 19, 2014

Customer Feedback from Square.com: “Christina and Carl are fabulous! All questions asked, super customer service! Price definitely right! Thank you!”

DATE:  October 1, 2014

Customer Feedback from Square.com:  “I would recommend this to everyone.”

DATE:  October 3, 2013


Dave from Paso came in this morning just to THANK us again for how smoothly his Bankruptcy went.  He said we made it a very pleasant experience for him and he is really thankful for this. He also commented that his sister is going through a bankruptcy in Sacramento and the person she has helping her is making a big mess out of it and costing her more money.  And the worst part about this is that she has to see the woman at church every Sunday.

DATE:  August 29, 2013 (via email)

Thank you.  We really appreciate this service you perform for your clients.

Lee Dowding, Bankruptcy Administrator

DATE:  December 11, 2012


Thank you for your help! Looks good. Can I get a copy of the deed you guys received? Appreciate your guys help and professionalism.

Best Wishes,


DATE:  December 6, 2012

Just wanted to let Carl know I am thankful for your assistance.

You were very helpful with helping us fill out and submit documents
and we got custody of our daughter which will change the course of her
life in a positive way for years to come.


DATE:  9/26/10

Dear Carl & Lisa,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the help you both gave me during my bankruptcy. Not an easy thing to do, but you were both very knowledgeable & helpful. It made it so much easier, not to mention the cost of not having to pay an attorney. Thank you very much for your service.


Kimberly D.
San Luis Obispo County

DATE: 8/29/06

Hi Carl,

The court date in Santa Barbara went fine yesterday and I mailed the certificate to you as well. I know
you’re just doing your job, but again, I want to thank you for giving me the support and confidence that
I needed to get through this. You’ve been an angel in a world where there are few. If ever you need a
character reference or recommendation for anything, count me in.

Kind regards,
Lompoc, CA

DATE: 10/6/06

“I know I told you this before, but you are really talented and good at what you do. Thank you so

Robert F.
San Luis Obispo, CA

DATE: 8/22/07

“Thank you Carl for making this so much easier for us to do!”

Sue S.
Morro Bay, CA

DATE: 10/11/07

I appreciate your help. I have heard wonderful things about you and totally appreciate the referrals.

Scott T.
Paso Robles, CA

DATE: 12/4/07

Thank-you for all of your help to date. You have been extremely responsive, helpful and professional.
I have referred your services to two of my friends already and will continue to pass on the good word
about you. Take care,

Virginia S.
San Luis Obispo, CA

DATE: April 18, 2009

I’ve received my discharge under Chapter 7 and I cannot thank you enough for all your help. As one of
the only people at my creditor’s meeting who was not represented by an attorney, I fared far better
representing myself with your help, than those who had paid for costly legal representation. I credit
We Help You Legal with my prompt, error free and successful discharge. Thanks once again.

Santa Maria, CA

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