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Living Trust Administration

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Was in my #santamaria office wrapping up the day and in comes three potential customers. They had with them a Living Trust binder and tons of questions. It was a sister, brother and the brother’s wife. The siblings father passed away years ago and their mother just recently passed away. So, they were trying to administer their trust by themselves. Apparently, they had already sold a piece of property and used realtors for the sale, but they still did not know much about what to do next with the remaining two properties and how to transfer them out of the trust and into their individual names. Luckily, I am knowledgeable at these types of matters. So, first thing is first, I need to see the last recorded #deed or last transfer document to ensure the real property was in fact funded into the trust properly. I had to do a search through #fidelitytitle and the deeds were no listed. Luckily, the sister found one of the deeds to the property and it did in fact appear to be titled into the parents’ trust correctly. The second piece of property we still are not 100% sure, so the customer is going to request it from the #CountyRecorder in #sanluisobispo (I assume it will be properly titled into the trust, but we have to make sure first). As for the first property discussed, two Affidavit of Death of Trustee documents will have to be prepared in addition to a deed transferring the property from the “Successor Trustees,” which happens to be the siblings as co-successor trustees, into the brother’s name. It is a fair simply process, but one that can be extremely daunting if the process and procedure is not familiar. At the end, the customers were extremely happy and although I still have to prepare the documents, my fees are going to be around $400 versus probably $2000+ with an attorney (their fees vary, but tend to be much, much more than ours). Also, this is a service that #legalzoom simply does not offer and is another example of how a retail face to face document preparation service is literally the best possible legal alternative to that of an online source or through the traditional legal model of using an attorney/lawyer (#attorney #lawyer). Lastly, both siblings are going to have me prepare a #livingtrust or #estateplan for them as they see the value and time/cost savings. We have been serving the #centralcoast of #california for years and are expanding to the #centralvalley in the city of #bakersfield in January 2015. #ILoveMyJob Do not hesitate to call or email with questions.

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Living Trust/Estate Plan Customers

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We like to share our customer’s experiences because often other customers have questions about our legal services and getting other people’s perspectives is helpful. At our #sanluisobispo

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How a Power of Attorney turns into Guardianship and Probate

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A previous Power of Attorney customer of ours experienced a sudden death in her family; her sister passed away and left a 6 year old son behind. So, she is going to be petitioning the court for a guardianship of her nephew. Plus, there will be a simple probate for the sister’s estate, which is not that large.

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Probate and Living Trust

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Two recent customer experiences caused me to write this post.

Experience 1: Customer contacted me at my Arroyo Grande, CA office and stated his brother has just passed away. It is a simple probate matter. There are two surviving brothers and a surviving mother. The deceased was not married and did not have children. What I learned was that the deceased was killed by a driver that was under the influence of drugs and had a criminal record. Nevertheless, the deceased owned two houses and a 1/4 of a liqueur store. Even though his two surviving brothers are in complete agreement and the surviving mother is going to assign her interest in the assets to the sons, this agreeable matter could have been completely avoided had the deceased had a living trust. Luckily, the surviving brothers have enough assets to probate the matter, but have to wait about 2 months for an order and letters to be issued to have full access to the assets. Both surviving brothers have assets and families and are planning on having living trusts/estate plans prepared to protect their families. I share this story to encourage people to get their affairs in order, as it is not that expensive and can protect your family and give peace of mind. #wehelpyoulegal NOTE: There are services online, such as #legalzoom provide a similar service to ours, but we are able to provide that personal service that is especially important during this type of matter. https://www.facebook.com/wehelpyoulegal

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Is online legal document assistance a good idea?

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Consumers in search of legal help or legal document assistance have more options today than ever before.  And their options are growing, especially with the advent of low cost divorce assistance and other legal services online.  Companies like LegalZoom.com, MyDivorceDocuments.com, CompleteCase.com, MyCompleteCase.com, etc., do a great job marketing their online divorce and other legal document […]

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LegalZoom (LegalZoom.com)

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We Help You Legal…is the right choice!  Affordable, friendly and LOCAL! Consumers of legal document services have many resources.  They can choose to use a lawyer or attorney, an independent paralegal, legal document service company or an online service like LegalZoom (LegalZoom.com). The problem with attorneys, is they are expensive and usually not very accessible. […]

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