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Is online legal document assistance a good idea?

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Consumers in search of legal help or legal document assistance have more options today than ever before.  And their options are growing, especially with the advent of low cost divorce assistance and other legal services online.  Companies like LegalZoom.com, MyDivorceDocuments.com, CompleteCase.com, MyCompleteCase.com, etc., do a great job marketing their online divorce and other legal document […]

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LegalZoom (LegalZoom.com)

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We Help You Legal…is the right choice!  Affordable, friendly and LOCAL! Consumers of legal document services have many resources.  They can choose to use a lawyer or attorney, an independent paralegal, legal document service company or an online service like LegalZoom (LegalZoom.com). The problem with attorneys, is they are expensive and usually not very accessible. […]

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