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Living Trust/Estate Plan Customers

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We like to share our customer’s experiences because often other customers have questions about our legal services and getting other people’s perspectives is helpful. At our #sanluisobispo

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Living Trust/Estate Planning – Opposite Sex Couple

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Subject: #LivingTrust, #EstatePlanning :

A couple came into the #sanluisobispo office and inquired about a Living Trusts and Estate Planning. Apparently, they had already visited my competition and were essentially comparing services. It appeared that they had quite a few questions written down on several sheets of paper, so I agreed to attempt to answer whatever questions they had and to hopefully earn their business. To start off, this couple is not married and is not domestic partners according to the laws of the State of California.

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Probate and Living Trust

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Two recent customer experiences caused me to write this post.

Experience 1: Customer contacted me at my Arroyo Grande, CA office and stated his brother has just passed away. It is a simple probate matter. There are two surviving brothers and a surviving mother. The deceased was not married and did not have children. What I learned was that the deceased was killed by a driver that was under the influence of drugs and had a criminal record. Nevertheless, the deceased owned two houses and a 1/4 of a liqueur store. Even though his two surviving brothers are in complete agreement and the surviving mother is going to assign her interest in the assets to the sons, this agreeable matter could have been completely avoided had the deceased had a living trust. Luckily, the surviving brothers have enough assets to probate the matter, but have to wait about 2 months for an order and letters to be issued to have full access to the assets. Both surviving brothers have assets and families and are planning on having living trusts/estate plans prepared to protect their families. I share this story to encourage people to get their affairs in order, as it is not that expensive and can protect your family and give peace of mind. #wehelpyoulegal NOTE: There are services online, such as #legalzoom provide a similar service to ours, but we are able to provide that personal service that is especially important during this type of matter. https://www.facebook.com/wehelpyoulegal

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