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Can you put a mobile home in a Living Trust?

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Can you put a mobile home in a Living Trust? Quick answer. Yes! There is a misconception that a Mobile Home cannot be funded into a Living Trust/Estate Plan. Honestly, it is not as simple as Deeding over the property, but it can be done with some tenacity…the Dept. of Housing and Community Development is entity to contact and where the registration and title need to be changed. If either/or the registration or title are lost, then it is pretty simple to request duplicate forms, but again there are forms and associated file/processing fees.

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All About Deeds

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The most commonly used type of deed, a Grant Deed, is a written instrument by which
title to, or an interest in, real property is transferred from one person or legal entity (grantor)
to another (grantee). A Grant Deed does not guarantee or warrant a good title in the grantor,
although it does imply an absence of encumbrances on the estate conveyed. The term
“encumbrances” includes taxes, assessments and all liens on real property; therefore, the
accurate listing of all current encumbrances is a necessary protection for both parties, if the
property is so encumbered.

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How To Take Title

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Below is a link to 8 Common Ways to Take Title. Very helpful information if you are considering changing title or your Deed to your real property or just for general information or knowledge. If you need to change your Deed, please contact us at our Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo offices and we […]

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