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Living Trust, Estate Planning, Probate

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Recently I made the decision to advertise on #knzramfm in #bakersfield. As I was waiting to meet with my representative I met a lady in the waiting room. We got to talking and after I mentioned what I did, she began to tell me a story about her situation. Basically what happened is her husband recently passed away and they didn’t have a will or a #livingtrust. This was their second marriage for both of them and he had kids from his previous relationship.

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Living Trust/Estate Plan Customers

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We like to share our customer’s experiences because often other customers have questions about our legal services and getting other people’s perspectives is helpful. At our #sanluisobispo

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History of Legal Document Assistants

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First there were legal secretaries, then there were legal assistants, paralegals, freelance paralegals, contract paralegals, independent paralegals, law clerks, and in 1998 document clerks. Today, the Business & Professions Code sets forth the requirements for paralegals, legal assistants and legal document assistants (LDAs).

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Is online legal document assistance a good idea?

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Consumers in search of legal help or legal document assistance have more options today than ever before.  And their options are growing, especially with the advent of low cost divorce assistance and other legal services online.  Companies like LegalZoom.com, MyDivorceDocuments.com, CompleteCase.com, MyCompleteCase.com, etc., do a great job marketing their online divorce and other legal document […]

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