Living Trust/Estate Plan Customers

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Audience: #Living Trust #Estate Plan

We like to share our customer’s experiences because often other customers have questions about our legal services and getting other people’s perspectives is helpful.  At our #sanluisobispo location when we were wrapping up our meeting (went over and reviewed a customer’s #estateplan), the customer told me that she had heard from a friend of hers who had a #livingtrust prepared that is was like, “pulling teeth.”   I am not 100% sure what she meant by that, so I asked and she stated that her friend used #legalzoom online.  I explained that #legalzoom has a good product, but that most of our customers prefer the hands on face to face service we provide, plus the cost is about the same. She further stated that, “this was so simple, painless.”  We had a bit more small talk and she asked me for a few business cards as she wanted to refer her friends, one in particular that lives in #bakersfield (we are opening an office in #bakersfield in January, so it might work out).  Lastly we talked about the need to keep her #livingtrust binder safe and that she should get a fire proof safe or a safety deposit box at a bank.

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